Club Financiero Genova, Madrid, Spain

Digital Asset Management Ltd (“DAM”) gave a keynote presentation on the opportunities and risks of digital assets and distributed ledger technologies at the prestigious Club Financiero Genova. The event, organised by Jose Luis Romanillos, hosted an exclusive set of 80 professionals servicing private clients and investments from different regions of Europe.

DAM’s presentation chaired by Philip Vasquez with contributions from Sam Buxton and Thomas Johnson picked up the audience’s attention on the development of the underlying technology and story to date before moving onto the clear risks and opportunities for intermediary professionals. ‘We are still so early on in the development of the digital assets industry and the wider development of distributed ledger technologies, with some commentators likening the current stage of development to the ‘1994’ era of the internet.

Philip Vasquez, head of compliance, focused in on the clear risks presented by use of digital assets focusing on simple understanding and expertise as being a barrier to adoption and moving swiftly into compliance and clear counterparty risk. ‘Reports have found that only approximately 26% of all exchanges are regulated or licensed’ was one of the many interesting insights as to how key it is for professionals who wish to transact with digital assets to work with regulated, licensed and compliant counterparties.The presentation was swiftly followed by a Q&A session with all event speakers, with a majority of questions being centered around digital assets and key insights as to compliance with such assets.

Should you wish to find out more about DAM’s services relating to custody solutions, OTC buying or selling of digital assets using fiat (GBP / EUR) or vice versa, or information on portfolio management, please get in touch.

If you would wish to view the presentation slides, please see them here.