Cold Storage Vault

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This service offers a secure enterprise-level cold storage, built upon an advanced operating system which supports custodianship of a wide range of Digital Assets for individuals and Institutions.

Digital Asset Management uses the most advanced security on the market. Our cryptographic hardware and cyber security protocols are designed by leading industry professionals fully focused to providing a Secure Element which is fully isolated. Providing a fully isolated and air-gapped environment provides DAM with the security and reassurance it needs to provide this service.

Our high secure custody solution typically and increasingly assist:

Investment funds
Crypto exchanges
Law Firms
Family offices
High net worth individuals
Real estate
Sports teams
ICO/STO accelerators or incubators
Bank and e-money institutions

  • Our hardware has obtained the highest level of cyber and physical security certifications
  • Due to the isolation protocols all Digital Assets are protected against Malwares, Viruses and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Thorough and effective backup protocols – Private Keys are split and distributed to secure Digital Assets
  • Solutions for Individuals:
    • Valuable Digital Assets which would normally reside on a third party website or personal computer are stored offline in an isolated environment
    • Relief and reassurance to security of your Digital Assets
    • Complex and technical security research is done for you
    • Complementary advice and guidance on Digital Assets
  • Solutions for Institutions:
    • Cold Storage for Exchanges
    • Easy Auditing of Digital Assets
    • Cold Storage Custodianship for EIF’s (Experienced Investor Funds)
    • Independent control and management of multi-signature wallets
    • Funding control for ICO’s reaching their Roadmap goals
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