Digital Asset Management

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At DAM, our goal is to find and invest in cryptographic asset projects, whose concepts are revolutionary, scalable and achievable. This service includes Execution Only, Advisory and Discretionary services, based on advice and decisions from our investment committee. Our investment committee consists of a blend of traditional asset managers, experienced digital asset traders and consultants we deem necessary to assist with our investment decisions.

Execution Only

As the name indicates, this means we only execute trades on behalf of our clients, when instructed by our clients.


With this offering, we will advise our clients on investment strategies, but our clients will make all final decisions.


Our discretionary portfolio management services are a popular option for those who have little experience in cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger derived assets, or lack the time or inclination to be involved very much.

If you opt for a discretionary service you and your Digital Asset manager will start your relationship by working out your investment objectives and risk appetite, and then devising an investment strategy that precisely fits your profile and requirements.

Please note that Digital Assets are a high-risk activity and are subject to aggressive volatility and other risks not ordinarily associated with traditional assets, please see our Risk Notice to find out more.

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